Wooden tools

Hope you can identify the 5 tools in this wooden cut-out. The last posting was of a guy holding a mug of tea, not a pint of beer by the way. We do make a lot of tea but don’t supply beer. The new Thursday sessions are going well alongside the Wednesday ones giving people… Continue reading Wooden tools


I imagine every blog is adding pictures of snow at the moment and Okey shed don’t want to be left out. So Mike got up to the shed on Saturday 2 Feb before anyone could leave footprints and got a couple scenic shots off to show the depth – about 3 inches so easily deep enough… Continue reading Snowday

A new year

Here is a better view of the front of the shed with the BBQ in front and both front handrails in place. There are some more handrails to add at the ends of the balcony which are just being painted. Another priority is the west facing wall of the shed which has been suffering the effects… Continue reading A new year

3rd Birthday

Our third birthday already. The first year was mostly planning and getting planning permission. The second got the shell of the shed built after starting with an enthusiastic team laying foundations a couple of days after Christmas so just done in 2016. Then the last year has been consolidating the shed, getting electricity in at… Continue reading 3rd Birthday